To the team at Verano, RetireMEDiQ is like a fairy tale love story.

From the moment Claire met with a small team at the Dayton-based organization, we had a connection and we’ve not looked back. With time and a proven track record, Verano developed a relationship with the company that continues to flourish. From overseeing large projects, like website redesign and new service launches, to creative marketing and direct mail campaigns, to advertisement purchasing and management, Verano functions as the business’s drop-in marketing department.

The more Verano got to know the people, work, and mission of RetireMEDiQ, the more our results strengthened. Over several years, Verano has managed:

  • Multiple direct-mail campaigns of 20+ marketing pieces and data lists, some with nearly 20% response rates
  • Client retention campaigns aimed at capturing important statistics, like 91% client satisfaction
  • Implementation of innovative newsletter and social platforms aimed at future growth
  • Budget, timeline, and execution of critical brand projects, like website redesign and video projects
  • Selection, assessment, and recommendation of multiple third-party vendors
  • Team engagement and new employee marketing training
  • Workflow development and review

Services provided:

  • Drop-in Marketing department
  • Project budgeting
  • Contractor coordination
  • Vendor assessment and management
  • Project timelines and accountability
  • Brand awareness campaigns
  • Client retention campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Advertising purchasing and management
  • Videos, social media, blogs
  • Product development and launches

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