A to Z of Business Storytelling: Message

A to Z of Business Storytelling: Message

In the last “A to Z of Business Storytelling” post, we discussed the very important topic of listening. Did you miss it? Check it out before reading on…  

For a quick refresher, I covered some tips on how to receive feedback – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and how to improve your business in your customers’ eyes. Have you had a chance to gather feedback since reading? If so, you’ve probably found it to be a humbling experience. But it’s worth it. Customers deserve to feel valued and heard. When you do listen to their wants and needs, they’ll appreciate knowing that you’re open to improving your business to better serve them.  In return, you’ll receive their continued loyalty.

That is, if you let them know you listen. That’s why I’m shifting gears this week to messaging. 

Communicating the right message is the foundation of business storytelling and is the driving force for business growth. But how do you know you’re sharing the right message? Just follow my 3 Cs when creating your brand message: Clarity, Connection, & Consistency.


To reach your customers, your message needs to be clear and simple. Your customers are already so overwhelmed with messages on a daily basis across all mediums, but somehow you have to shine through the dense crowd and make sure your brand image is crystal clear in their minds.

A clear brand image comes from informative, inspiring messages. Every external message you send is a chance to share key information, so think beyond outlandish, entertaining messages that are irrelevant to your business. Instead, clearly share what your business is all about every time you communicate with customers.   

Ask yourself: What does my business even do, anyway?



Frankly, to even be considered, customers need a direct connection with the providers of products and services they interact with, beyond simply clarity alone. And that connection begins with trust. You’ll earn your customers’ trust by speaking their lingo and giving them what they need.

Let’s be honest, people are selfish. And your customers care only about what’s in it for them. If they can’t relate to you or your service, they’ll take their business elsewhere. Consider the following two messages:

“Our proprietary technology was developed by highly trained engineers but is simple enough for a novice to learn.” 


“You’ll be a master web designer instantly with our easy-to-use platform.”

While the message intents may be similar, the appropriate audience couldn’t be more different. Consider what your customer is looking for and connect with the emotion that drives them to that need. 

Ask yourself: What value am I actually providing my customer?  


One great message every month isn’t enough to create the connection customers need to trust your brand. Share messages regularly to keep your product or service top of mind and part of your customers’ everyday lives.

Ask yourself: Am I letting my customers forget about my business?

With clear, consistent messages that connect with customers, you’re sure to overshadow your competitors.

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A to Z of Business Storytelling: Network Like a Boss

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Get to Know Verano: We stand for talking with our customers, not talking to them.

Get to Know Verano: We stand for talking with our customers, not talking to them.