Get to Know Verano: We Believe in the Power of Words

Get to Know Verano: We Believe in the Power of Words

Today marks the first post of my new biweekly series: “Get to Know Verano.” Each week, I’ll dive into a part of our Mission Statement. Why the Mission Statement? Because that’s what a brand is rooted in. It’s where a business defines who they are and what they do. Because, frankly: words matter.

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As we mentioned in a previous post, our team is full of Journalists who are passionate about telling stories, so it should be no surprise that our first feature is:

“We believe in the power of words.”

We’re storytellers first and foremost here at Verano. And the most impactful stories leverage powerful language. From written to spoken word, statements have the potential to be influential testimony or just lackluster chatter. Words can incite an emotional response or dull an otherwise would-be-awesome experience. That’s why we think that all words must be immediately intriguing.  

Just one single word can make all the difference. Both good…and bad. One word can shift a message from inspirational to discouraging, helpful to harmful, in an instant.

We’ve talked about it before: you have to capture your audience in a few seconds (especially in today’s day and age). But I prefer to think about it in terms of books. (Yes, I’m predictable) Some books I can finish within a few days, others I drag out for weeks, and some I actively avoid all together.

What’s the difference? The captivating title and content inside – or lack thereof.

Haven’t picked up a book in years? I feel that. Words still matter off the page. Even online. It’s easy to gloss over boring headlines and skip right over annoying pop-up ads mid-Netflix binge because today, we’re flooded with content. And regretfully, you’re more likely to run into less interesting language more often than not.

That’s why we at Verano practice “thinking before speaking.” You (and your brand) should too.

 I’ve found that even the most awesome concept can be destroyed with an awkward turn of phrase or entirely wrong tone of voice. With that being said, it’s important to note that we at Verano believe words should be woven together purposefully, only expressed after careful consideration. Many people share the first thing that comes to mind, without putting much thought into what their word dumping can do. This is dangerous territory that has a greater impact than you might think.

Whether personal or professional, it’s important to make the right statement. Then repeat it over and over again. Make your vision your mantra, rather than focusing on any challenges you face…and subsequently manifesting more barriers. Our team’s copywriter-slash-resident yogi reminds me that my mantra – whether said to myself in my own head or to my clients in a presentation – can change my reality.

We at Verano are intentional in every statement we make. We stay strategic with every word. I may remind my toddler, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” To you I say, “If you can’t say anything well, don’t say anything at all.”

If you are stuck with a weak mantra or know what you want to say but aren’t sure how to say it, schedule a Clarity Session. I’ll help you use the power of words for you and your business.

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