Tools Every Entrepreneur Will Love

Tools Every Entrepreneur Will Love

As co-owners of The Space Community Workplace, a coworking venue in Cincinnati, my business partner and I host regular events to help small-business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals connect and expand their networks. This month's Deep Dive was amazingly helpful, and I think the topics we covered are applicable to friends and fans of Verano.


As business owners, we wear so many hats in any given day. Prioritizing what we spend our time on can be daunting, and I've made a solid share of critical learning mistakes. One thing I have learned through those mistakes is the importance of streamlining everywhere you can in business. Some of that streamlining comes from finding and implementing tools, apps, resources, and platforms that help you do your job better. 


Below are some of the tools we love at Verano, and the full list of resources is available on The Space Community Workplace's Facebook page. 


Do you have an app or program that you use and love? 




  • Quickbooks: invoices, bookkeeping, A/R, accounting
  • Bench: online bookkeeping service
  • Venmo: payment sharing system
  • Gusto: manages payments, payroll, contractor/vendor payments, taxes
  • Wave: similar to Freshbooks; totally free

Project/Task Management

  • Asana: task and project management
  • Trello: task and project management
  • Full Focus Planner: physical planner from Michael Hyatt that offers big-picture goals and daily breakdown

Social Media

  • NOTE: Some of these tools are not going to be as effective at increasing engagement as personal, daily interaction on your platforms!

  • Hootsuite: social media scheduler, planner, etc.
  • RePost: offers quick way to repost images with attribution/credit on social media
  • Later: an app we use to schedule Instagram images

Talk & Share

  • Slack: communications platform for full team
  • Google Apps: all of Google’s cloud-based business apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.)
  • UberConference: free conference line generator
  • Go to Meeting: video conferencing system
  • Zoom: Video conferencing system


  • MileIQ: mileage tracker
  • Anylist: shopping list app that’s helpful both personally and in business
  • Adobe Scan: virtual signing; creates a PDF for you
  • No Wait: shows waits at restaurants; can add you to list
  • Canva + PicMonkey: graphics
  • email inbox “roll-up” and automatic unsubscribe
  • Dashlane: password manager
  • Digit: automatic money saver and daily account balances
  • Grammarly: spell and grammar checker; online and desktop
  • Hemingway Editor: reads your work for complexity and share-ability
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