A to Z of Business Storytelling: Keywords

A “keyword” is simply defined as a specific phrase that drives traffic to a URL. SEO keywords range from a singular word to complex phrases and are used in website copy to attract relevant, organic search traffic. When used effectively, keywords act as a conduit for your target audience to find the most appropriate content on your website.

The Hard Questions: What Makes Your Business Better?

What makes your services better than someone else’s? What makes you more qualified than another person? This is one of the hard questions because it almost always inflicts an initial reaction of self-doubt. It’s hard to reflect and say aloud what makes you special, unique, or truly different from your competition. Sometimes people struggle because they don’t want to seem overly confident. Other times people don’t actually know what makes them stand apart from their competition.

A to Z of Business Storytelling: Hero

When we write about our own businesses, it’s really tempting to sit down and write out what we know about best: our own products and services. After all, it’s our job to get the word out about this amazing solution we’ve created for our customers, right? If only it were that simple! The truth of the matter is that writing content that converts readers into paying clients isn’t, in fact, about our product or service at all. It’s about our buyer, and we want them to feel like the hero of the story.

What’s Your Story?

At the end of the day, every business has a story—whether you started in a dilapidated garage or at your kitchen counter with your laptop. At the core of a business is always a person or a team of people who had an idea or a way of solving a problem, and they did something about it.

A to Z of Business Storytelling: Go with your Gut

Your gut instincts. Your inner voice. Call it whatever you want, but we all have that thing in our brains and our bodies that flares up when we sense danger or something doesn’t sit well with us. That little feeling is something that we can use to our advantage in marketing our businesses, and I encourage you to figure out how to dial into that feeling and understand what your gut is telling you.

A to Z of Business Storytelling: Focus

At Verano, we practice systems and processes as often as we can. It helps create a consistent client experience, and it also ensures that we’re remaining true to what we know we are good at and where we bring value to our clients.

Within those processes and systems, there’s one thing that is guaranteed to come up if we work with you—your focus. The focus of your business: who you are, what you do, and why you do it, is going to be a starting point for any great marketing strategy or consulting session. And a critical aspect of your focus must involve your target market.